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Mannix Finishing Line

Used Mannix Finishing Line | Finishing Equipment

Machine Information Sheet Date: 9/24/2018
Inventory #: C3313TS
Machine Type: Finishing Equipment
Manufacturer: Mannix
Model: Finishing Line
Year: 2011
Region: Eastern Canada
Voltage: 600/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Excellent
Machine Capacities: -This line has only run less than 1 month. It is really like new!!!!
-Client had it engineered for a project that never materialized
-Complete line for finishing flat components like cabinet doors.
-Fully automated
-For components up to 36" wide X 96" long
-Approximately 200 - 250 finished doors per shift (color plus multiple coats of top coat
-A compact line that only requires approximately 25` X 30` of floor space (750 sq ft)
-Mannix flat component automated feed through spray booth with 4 Kremlin guns
-Adjustable feed speed up to 12 feet per minute
-Overspray on belt reclaimed for future use and belt cleaned each revolution
-Exhaust fan on/off
-Micro processor for spray gun triggering to minimize overspray
-5 Kremlin pumps for colors (2011 Model # 10-25-GT) plus one pump for clear coat {varnish} (2011 Model # 20-50-F)
-Fully adjustable feed speed
-90 degree Doucet transfer
-Flash-off tunnel by Doucet
-Adjustable feed speeds
-90 degree Doucet transfer
-Holytek UV oven
-3 lamps
-adjustable mirrors for controlled edge drying

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