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Giben WIBJ-5

Used Giben WIBJ-5 | CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail

Machine Information Sheet Date: 1/23/2018
Inventory #: C3392TS
Machine Type: CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail
Manufacturer: Giben
Model: WIBJ-5
Year: 2014
Region: North East US
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Numerically controlled point to point boring machine with drilling from the bottom of the panel.
o Set up time = 0. Machine operator can change panel sizes, panel processing requirements with zero time lost when making these changes.
o Full flexibility – no limit in panel length or loss in productivity for longer panels.
o Highly innovative boring process – providing immediate clean holes. Drilling is from the bottom of the panel, instead of the top, ensuring that shavings are completely & immediately removed from the holes.
o The high quality side of the panel is not in contact with table-
work surfaces, to ensure that the panel is not scratched.
o No adjustments required.
The boring head carriage is designed with heat-treated steel that is built heavier and over-sized to provide more rigidity and precision over a long period of time. Due to the large structure of the machine, although suggested, it is not necessary to anchor the machine to the ground.

Technical Data Configuration
-Number of drilling heads: 1
-Quantity of vertical spindles: 12
-Quantity of front/ back horizontal spindles: 2 + 2
-Quantity of lateral spindles: 1 + 1
-Controller: Numerically controlled with an office PC / Color LCD display
-Quantity of controlled axis: Four (4)
-X axis speed: 60m/min.
-Y axis speed: 60m/min.
-U axis speed: 60m/min.
-Z axis speed: 15m/min.

Horizontal boring:
- Boring for both end (left and right): 800 mm.
- Boring only for the right end: 1.000 mm.
-Maximum stroke of grooving saw: 760 mm.
-Maximum stroke of router spindle: 630 mm.

Axis X - panel movement by clamps, travelling on rollers.
Axis Y - boring head movement.
Axis Z - panel boring.
Axis U - micro head movement for front/back boring.

Movement is controlled in position “X” by clamps for panel feeding.
With automatic step by step panel feeding and control of DANGER ZONE from CN. The motor is controlled by an encoder through a revolver. This axis is positioned by a rack and pinion system.

Axis “Y”
The control of the boring head movement is by motor with an encoder; with programmable speed and acceleration. This axis is positioned by a rack and pinion system.

Axis “Z”
The control of the movement in the vertical boring and control of the height in horizontal boring.
The vertical boring is made by rapid approaching and boring. Speed is programmable according to the tool’s diameter.
This axis is positioned by a rack and pinion system.

Axis “U”
The control of the micro head movement for front and back boring without moving the panel in X axis.
The front and back horizontal boring is executed faster, without the need to move the panel. The U axis stroke is 100 mm. This axis is positioned by a rack and pinion system.

-Boring head vertical spindles (panel surface): 7 spindle (X axis) and/or 6 spindle (Y axis)
-Boring head horizontal spindles (front & back): 2 + 2
-Boring head horizontal spindles (sides): 1 + 1
-Boring head power: 1.5 KW (2HP)
-Spindle RPM: 4,800 RPM
-Router collet type: ER25
-Tool diameter: max 16 mm
-Router Hp: 3.75 kW (5HP)
-Rotation speed: 1000 – 18000 RPM
-Router bit: ½” two flute compression bit
-Stroke of “Z” axis: 20 mm
-Precision collet: ½ - 12 mm
-Grooving saw power: 1.5 KW (2 HP)
-Arbor diameter: 30 mm
-Grooving saw diameter: 120 mm
-Maximum blade thickness: 5 mm
-Rotation speed: 4200 RPM
-Pusher stroke: 1000 mm
-Pusher contact surface: Rollers

Automatic Side Pusher:
Parts are constantly clamped by the machine. Whether the part is in a fixed position or in movement, the clamping system, which consists of rollers and pads always keep the part in place.

X Axis movement clamping device:
Parts are positioned in the X axis by a clamp, which is positioned according to the program and located by rack and pinion for excellent precision. Should a part be longer than the X axis stroke, the part will be clamped in place by the overhead clamping pads and the X axis clamp will reposition in a fraction of a second to complete the cycle.

Loading table with rollers:
Parts can be loaded on the infeed table to be processed through the machine. The operator has the choice the process the parts through the machine as a continuous process or to have them return to the loading area for easy pickup and removal by the operator. The table surface consists of a flat table with rubber coated rollers which support the material throughout the machine. This makes for easy material movements and scratch resistant processing.

Optical Material Sensor:
The WIBJ-5 is equipped with a material edge sensing light which verifies the leading edge of the part to ensure perfect measurements and geometry of the machining regardless of how the operator positions the part when loading. The system can also re-check the back edge of the part to eliminate any possible errors due to part sizing tolerances or errors. If a left pantry side panel is 0.5mm longer than the right, without this feature, there will be a visible edge once the cabinet is assembled. Conversely, with this feature, the length difference will be hidden over the length of the panel as the bottom will be re-checked before drilling the construction holes thus making them the correct distance from the edge and therefore hiding the issue completely.
Sales Price: $40,000.00 USD
Approximate Monthly Lease: $701.08 USD
Approximate monthly payments are based on approximate lending rate considering 1st and last month down payment, 60 month term and $1.00 residual buy back. This approximate monthly payment amount is for budgetary purposes only. Based on US leasing rates.

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