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Biesse Edge Stream B1/9.0

Used Biesse Edge Stream B1/9.0 | Edgebanders

Machine Information Sheet Date: 12/16/2017
Inventory #: C3805TS
Machine Type: Edgebanders
Manufacturer: Biesse
Model: Edge Stream B1/9.0
Year: 2004
Region: South West US
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Machine Capacities: -Machine was fully operational when taken out of service at the beginning of October 2017.
-Single-sided edge banding machine
-Panel overhang 35mm
-Panel thickness 10 to 60mm
-Chain feed speed 10 to 25m/min
-Working height 950mm
-Panel working width 100 to 3200mm
-Panel length 150 to 3200mm
-50.8mm wide feed chain with round bar and flat guidance
-Rubber belt top pressure
-All machining units housed in illuminated safety/noise cabin
-Multiple axis numeric control with Windows interface to control
--Positioning of axis
--Feed speed
--Top pressure height adjustment
--6 coil edge banding strip magazine exchange
--Machining data
--Staggered motor start-ups

-Mechanical panel spacer for B1. Device allowing manual introduction of panels when the distance between panels is enough for working. Distance between panels is set up on PC

-Additional pressure panel device. Group of idle wheels installed on the chain support and on presser, in order to increase the panel clamping. The minimum working width is 200mm in order to let the pressing wheels cramp the panels.

-Pre-milling unit RT30. Milling unit comprising two vertical axis motors equipped with slide copier, side adjustment and times pneumatic drive. 9000RPM 3.5KW motors

-Gluing unit SP20. Glue applied to panel edge using knurled roller. 2 infra-red lamps preheat edge banding. Granule tank fitted on pre-melting device. Pin rollers advancing solid wood strips to 20mm thick. 1 driven (150mm diameter) plus 6 idle (65mm diameter) pressure rollers

-NC Y Axis for presser section. the kit includes motorized edge banding strip presser section drive and relative NC management

-6 position edge magazine for SP10, SP20. Six position container for rolls of edge banding strip. The rolls are supported by a cradle of rollers, so that they do not require any other locking device, making it quick to replace.

-End-trimming unit IT90-S. Edge trimming unit complete with 2 motors, for edge banding strips with a thickness of up to 3mm. Motors can be inclined on the vertical axis by between 0 and 25 with automatic rotation. 12,000 RPM, 0.3 kW.

-Kit solid wood edges up to thickness 20mm for IT90. 0.65 kW motors and mechanical modifications to make possible the end-trimming on solid wood with thickness up to 20mm. Maximum edge end-trimming section: 1100 mm2.

-Rough milling unit RS10. The unit includes 2 overlapping horizontal axis motors, complete with adjustable vertical copiers. The motors are equipped with horizontal and vertical slides for adjustment of the copiers. Vertical movement of the top motor associated with the top presser. Automatic pneumatic disabling of the unit. 12,000 RPM, 2.4 kW

-Two position pneumatic adjustment on RS10. Pneumatic device for the positioning of two motors.

-Fine milling unit RF30. Unit comprising 2 independent motors. Each motor is complete with horizontal and vertical copier and swings on slides. Vertical movement of the top unit associated with the belt presser. 12,000 RPM, 0.65kW.

-Top/bottom corner rounding AR10. Complete with 4 swinging motors that follow the panel. 12,000 RPN, 0.3 kW.

-Rounding off motors kit AR10. Kit of 4 motors of 0.3 kW complete with front copiers, each with a digital mechanical indicator for fine adjustment and preset, to facilitate rapid change of machining operation. 12,000 RPM, 5 kW.

-Edge scraper unit RB30. Complete with spray device for tool cleaning. Automatic adjustment of tool position to preset positions with respect to the material using 4 preset stops in line. Tool radius 1-5mm.

-Glue scraper unit RC10. Allows any excess glue to be removed from the flat surfaces of the panel close to the edges. The unit of equipped with vertical copiers. Complete with spraying device for tool cleaning.

-Superimposed oscillating buffers unit SZ30. Includes 2 motors. The buffer`s position is adjusted by an exclusive 3D recording device by means of a ball joint. Vertical movement of the top motor is coupled to the presser to provide automatic adjustment according to the thickness of the panel. 1,400 RPM, 0.18 kW.

-Edge heater PH10. Allows the edge of the panel to be heated as it passes through the unit, restoring the original color in the case of materials (PVC) that are subject to changes in color when they come into contact with the cutter blades during profiling.

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