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Giben Smart 95 SP Front Load Panel Saw

Used Giben Smart 95 SP Front Load Panel Saw | Saws - Panel Beam

Machine Information Sheet Date: 4/26/2018
Inventory #: C3898JC
Machine Type: Saws - Panel Beam
Manufacturer: Giben
Model: Smart 95 SP Front Load Panel Saw
Year: 2009
Region: South Central US
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Very Good
Machine Capacities: -Cutting length 3800mm (12.5`)
-Blade projection 95mm (3.75")
-Groove cutting capability
-Automatic saw blade projection according to book height
-Grippers opening 115mm (4.5")
-Max depth of clean cut 85mm (3.35")
-Main blade diameter 360mm (14.2")
-Main saw motor 18HP
-Scoring saw diameter 250mm
-Scoring saw motor 1.5HP
-Saw carriage traverse by brushless AC with inverter
-Saw carriage feed speeds from 5 to 80m/m (16 to 262f/m)
-Carriage return at 80m/m (262f/m)
-Pneumatic locking, automatic positioning side aligner by a roller behind the cut line
-Side aligner stroke 1220mm (48")
-Min width to side align 60mm (2.4")
-Pneumatic quick release saw blade hubs
-Pusher stroke 3850mm (12` 6")
-Pusher drive by AC motor with vector drive
-Rack and pinion pusher guidance by round bar
-Pusher advancing speeds .8 to 25m/m (2.5` to 82`/min)
-Pusher return at 60m/m (197`/min)
-6 floating grippers
-9 Roller profiles under pusher
-PLC Moeller
-Standard office PC
-G-Vision controller on a pentium processor
-Windows XP
-15" color CRT monitor
-102 key standard keyboard with mouse
-Real time graphic display of cutting patterns
-Metric & Imperial measure
-Selectable English, French, Spanish
-On screen help, error messages and on screen diagnostics
-LAN network ability
-Downloading from optimizing programs
-Uploading of data for further processing
-1 only 2000 X 510mm and 3 only 1300 X 510mm air tables
-Safety trip bar along cut line
-Safety flaps
-Saw carriage and pusher cables in cable tracks
-Protection fence around rear of machine
-Time delay on saw carriage cover
-Label printing software enabled

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