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Omec ICM 300

Used Omec ICM 300 | Glue Equipment

Machine Information Sheet Date: 2/23/2019
Inventory #: C3631TS
Machine Type: Glue Equipment
Manufacturer: Omec
Model: ICM 300
Year: 2009
Region: Central Canada
Voltage: 110/1/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Good
Machine Capacities: -The machine has a single nozzle that is operated by an electronically-controlled axle in order to spread glue on both fixed-pitch joints and
variable-pitch joints.
-This type of solution offers considerable advantages as compared to the standard gluing machine available on the market. You donít need to have one type of nozzle for each size of joints and for each different number
of joints. This way, you can dramatically reduce the cost of nozzles if the drawer`s size and the
number/pitch of joints is often varied during the production process.
-By varying the nozzle feeding speed parameter and the nozzle opening time, it is possible to apply glue precisely on work pieces, in order to prevent
glue from leaking out when work pieces are assembled. This way, it is not necessary to clean drawers and the machine used to assemble them
at a later stage.
-The cleaning and maintenance of a single-nozzle system are definitely quicker as compared to multiple-nozzle systems.
-The wide range of adjustments guarantees a minimum consumption of glue.
-This system is suitable to glue drawers with dovetails, parallel joints and pins.
-The glue can be applied indifferently inside female joints and holes, or on male joints and pins.
-In case of drawers with dovetails or pins, the glue must be spread uniquely onto the first portion of female joints and holes, so that the glue is then spread evenly on the whole mating surface when the male piece is fitted. When you are gluing wine crates with parallel joints, it is best to apply glue on the four sides, in order to spread it more evenly.

-The machine features three different types of programs:
Program No 1 is used to spread glue on two sides of the drawer.
Program No 2 is used to spread glue on four sides of the drawer.
Program No 3 is used to spread glue in a continuous or intermittent mode on the bottoms of drawers.

-Each side can be programmed independently, so there are no problems for the gluing of right or left sides, or when front-pieces are different from backs.
-Minimum dimensions of work piece (length x width x thickness x depth): 150mm x 50mm x 5mm x 0mm
-Maximum dimensions of work piece (length x width x thickness x depth): 1500mm x 450mm x 30mm x 40mm
-On-board front-mounted operator control PLC with digital readout
-Glue nozzle with wash cycle and 2.5 gallon glue reservoir
Sales Price: $3,000.00 CDN
Approximate Monthly Lease: $52.73 CDN
Approximate monthly payments are based on approximate lending rate considering 1st and last month down payment, 60 month term and $1.00 residual buy back. This approximate monthly payment amount is for budgetary purposes only. Based on US leasing rates.

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