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Homag BAZ 322/40/K

Used Homag BAZ 322/40/K | CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail

Machine Information Sheet Date: 3/21/2019
Inventory #: C3932TS
Machine Type: CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail
Manufacturer: Homag
Model: BAZ 322/40/K
Year: 2006
Region: North Central US
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Good
Machine Capacities: The BAZ is a machining center for routing, drilling, contour edgebanding and edge finishing. It is equipped with an electronic control for batch size production of curvilinear components for the flat panel industry.

The machine features two (2) independent Y-axes for main spindle and gluing unit 360 with coil and strip feeding. These independent axes enable quick cycle times utilizing simultaneous tool changing while processing.

Basic Equipment
K-type vacuum bench consoles with lifting rails and LED bench and vacuum cup setup aid
power control with PC85
main spindle 14.5 Kw (19.4 HP) vector regulated
plate-type tool changer for twelve (12) tools
interface for change-over of processing units with an integrated pneumatic supply and drive of C-axis
vertical boring head with twelve (12) spindles
end trim saw unit
gluing unit for 360 edge band application with strip feed function
2 coil magazine
combination flush trimming scraping unit for thick edge, 3 mm (1/8) typical
WoodWOP office PC software

Basic Machine
machine bed in heavy, sturdy construction with a compact linear THK-type guide system
pre-tensioned rack and pinion gears and digital AC-servo motors in
X and Y-axis
cantilever carrier beam with linear THK-type guide system, re-circulating
ball screw and digital AC-servo motor for positioning of the Z-axis,
travel 535 mm (21-1/16)
automatic centralized lubrication for all drives and the linear Thk guides

Vacuum Bench Consoles K
vacuum bench console table integrated in the machine bed with THK-type guides for positioning the consoles in the X direction and LED setup aid for bench position setup
seven (7) vacuum consoles with tubeless vacuum supply and LED setup grid for vacuum cup setup
seven (7) submerging Y-axis reference stops, elevation 140 mm (5-1/2)
two (2) submerging X-axis reference stops, 1 x left / 1 x right for alternating operation
twelve (12) double-action vacuum cups 160 x 115 mm (6-5/16 x 4-1/2),
100 mm (3-15/16) high, eight (8) of them with an integrated panel lifter device
two (2) double-action vacuum cups, 125 x 75 mm (4-15/16 x 2-15/16),
100 mm (3-15/16) high
two (2) rear stop pins in field one (1) for oversize panels in the Y direction,
for referencing to the rear of the machine or Y + instead of Y zero
area of operation and position of stop pins according to technical layout
workpieces with extreme dimensions have to be clamped, using templates
or mechanical fixtures that are not included with the machine
the machine zero point is placed at the left front side
the workpieces are fed manually from the front side

Lifting Rail for Vacuum Bench Table K
lifting rail with integrated transport rollers installed perpendicular to the X-axis for aid of loading and unloading large panels. Mounted on the side of the vacuum bench.
lifting device for 100 mm (3-15/16") retracts to vacuum bench height.
total stroke approx. 105 mm (4-1/8") extends to 5 mm (3/16") above vacuum cup
lifting power of each lifting rail is 35 kg (77.1 lbs)
total of four (4) - two (2) per field - on vacuum bench consoles # 1and 3

Chip Conveyor Belt
chips / dust and fall-off pieces are transported to the left hand end of the machine by an integrated conveyor belt below the vacuum consoles
only suitable for chips / dust and fall-off pieces removal of large pieces may be necessary anually
collection device or ascending conveyor at the end of the belt to be provided
by the customer or optional ascending conveyor purchased from Stiles

Electrical Equipment
separate switch cabinet, complete with all switch controls and electronic components, with 180 swiveling operator control. Installed according to UL regulations.
installation according to switch cabinet installation plan. Operating voltage 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 cycles, +\- 5 %
if the constant operating voltage +\- 5 % cannot be maintained, a voltage stabilizer will have to be installed. Recommended environmental temperatures 5C to 35C (41F to 95F).

Air Conditioning Unit for switch cabinet necessary if temperature exceeds 35C (95 F)

Machine Control System

power control PC85 with PLC control modern control system with an industrial PC, operating system Windows NT
Pentium III processor with 850 MHz and 512 Mbytes RAM
one (1) fixed hard disk 9 Gbyte
one (1) removable hard disk 9 Gbyte for data back up and storage
one (1) CD-ROM drive 32x
one (1) floppy drive 1.44 Mbytes
15 TFT flat screen with PC-keyboard and mouse
digital drive technology via optical fiber peripheral digital field bus system network connection Ethernet via additional card and network software (optional)
no-break power supply (UPS) provides an approx. 10 minutes of time to log off control for proper shut down in case of main power interruption

Machine Control System (continued)

operating system Windows NT 4.0 US
virus protection
1:1 securing (Cloning)
operation menu-guided with standard Windows program
PC 85 CNC kernel with: control for continuous line operation in all axes
look-ahead-function for optimum speeds at the transition points
dynamic look-ahead-control for accurate contours
PC 85 software with graphical operating macros: WoodWOP for graphical, interactive creation of CNC programs including postprocessor
metric or inch programming
graphic tool data base
CNC operation
graphic representation of the vacuum places
error messages displayed in plain text
up to twenty-four (24) alphanumeric program names
WoodWOP Wizard for automatic generation of the machining sequence by means of the workpiece geometry and application of edges

Diagnosis System WoodScout

Error code software, using text and graphics for the status of the machine state. With the WoodScout system it is possible to systematically eliminate faults, which leads to a considerable decrease in down time.
graphical PLC diagnosis displayed in different levels
data base system that allows operator/maintenance personnel to enter the
reason for the fault and the measures to eliminate it in their own terminology. The next time the fault occurs, the procedure to correct it is displayed as well. The information is accessible by all shifts, etc.
optimum support for the elimination of machine down times

Basic Equipment

for communication and diagnostic purposes, two (2) telephone lines for modem support at the machine have to be installed by the customer
one (1) liquid ring vacuum pumps 100 m3/hour for vacuum system
all path axes driven via AC-servo motor and adjusted according to programmed feed rates
incremental measuring system
connected load approx. 38 Kw
Basic Equipment (continued)

pneumatic connection 1", 7 bar (101.5 psi)
compressed air consumption 400 nl/min (14.125 cfm)
dust collection 5000 m3/hour (2942 cfm)
one (1) dust hood connection 250 mm (9-7/8)
concrete, dust collection and electrical requirements are included on
layout drawing of final machine specification and may change above specifications
electro-pneumatic shut off device required in the dust collection system
to be supplied at the customer expense. Machine control will provide the switching contact for the control of the customer shut-off device.
machine output depends on individual processing steps
positioning speed
o max. 60 m/min (200 ft/min) in X- and Y-direction
o max. 30 m/min (98.4 ft/min) in Z-direction
control of operator area by safety mats
safety fences for front and right/left-hand machine sides and back, with safety door and integrated switch cabinet. Mesh fence sections are bolted to the floor, height is 1800 mm (70-7/8").
foundation requirements according to layout drawing # 5-132-01-4960.

Technical Specifications

workpiece length in X-axis all tools

in single operation max. 4000 mm (157-1/2)
in alternate operation with edgebanding max. 1375 mm (54-1/8)
in alternate operation with
routing and drilling max. 1550 mm (61)
workpiece width in Y-axis using front stops or Y zero, with router diameter max. 25.4 mm, drilling, edgebanding and edge finishing max. 1525 mm (60-1/16)
workpiece width in Y-axis using front stops or Y zero, with all possible tools including horizontal router max. 1450 mm (57-1/16)
with optional rear stops, allows panel to extend over the front Y-axis stops
workpiece width in Y-axis all tools with router diameter max. 25.4 mm (1) max. 1700 mm (66-1/8)
edgebanding and edge processing max. 1650 mm (64-15/16)
all tools (including horizontal aggregates) max. 1600 mm (63)
workpiece thickness in Z-axis
with edge max. 60 mm (2-3/8)
edge height for butt joint max. 45 mm (1-3/4)
edge height is panel thickness plus 4 to
5 mm (5/32 to 3/16) for best quality
edge band finishing
without edge with standard
vacuum cups max. 60 mm (2-3/8)
without edge and using templates* max. 200 mm (7-7/8)
for chamfer trimming min. 12 mm (15/32)
for radius trimming min. 16 mm
(2 x radius
+ 10 mm) (5/8)
edge materials
PVC 1 to 3 mm (3/64 to1/8)
Melamine, plastic 0.4 to 3 mm (1/64 to 1/8)
Veneer 0.4 to2 mm (1/64 to 3/32)
HPL strip 0.4 to
0.8 mm typical (1/64 to 1/32)
manual feed strip length min. 300 mm (11-13/16)

*vacuum templates to be provided by customer

Note: The quality of the edge material is an important factor. To achieve
best results, only edge material, glue, etc., of high quality should be used.

Depending on the shape of the panel, a back lamination may be required.

Minimum part sizes and radiuses are depending on geometry, vacuum and edge type.

Main Spindle 14.5 Kw Liquid Cooled
For HSK F63
dust collection hood covering all tools and units
vector controlled three phase asynchronous motor 14.5 Kw (19.44 hp) for S1 mode (100% load)
the cooling circuit works automatically via pump and with temperature
digital drive for electronic regulation of rpm
without tool chuck and tools

max. tool weight including chuck 6 kg (13.22lbs)
max. tool length from lower edge of spindle 200 mm (7- 7/8)
max. trimming tool diameter 180 mm (7- 1/8)
max. sanding tool diameter 200 mm (7 -7/8)
number of revolutions per minute 0 to 18,000 rpm
total torque from 0 to 12,000 rpm
total power per developed at 12,000 rpm

Spindle Return Traverse Stroke
enables the use of the boring head with a tool remaining in the main spindle
main spindle tool length including tool chuck up to max. 150 mm (5-15/16”)

Plate Type Tool Changer 12 Tools
For tools and units equipped with HSK F63
tool changer for twelve (12) tools/unit places
tool weight max. 6 kg (13.22 lbs) including chuck
tool length max. 200 mm (7-7/8) calculated from lower edge of motor spindle
tools may be equipped as follows:
o 12 x diameter max. 130 mm (5-1/8) or
o 6 x diameter max. 180 mm (7-1/16) and
o 6 x diameter max. 70 mm (2-3/4)
o tool diameter max. 200 mm (7-7/8) for sanding tools

Pneumatic Interface for Main Spindle
for connection of work units to the main spindle
including swiveling drive C-axis at main spindle with torque
lock and 3-point locking device
swiveling range 0 to 360

Tool Chuck Right Hand (1 of)
tool chuck with hollow shaft cone HSK F63
integrated collet chuck diameter 25 mm (31/32") for the mounting of
shaft tools for right-hand rotated tools

Tool Chuck Left Hand (1 of)
tool chuck with hollow shaft cone HSK F63
integrated collet chuck diameter 25 mm (31/32") for the mounting of shaft tools
for left-hand rotated tools

Boring Head Twelve (12) Spindles Vertical
one (1) motor, 4 Kw, frequency controlled, adjustable from 4500 to 6000 rpm
for vertical drilling with stroke 50 mm (1-15/16")
twelve (12) spindles up to max. 35 mm (1-3/8") tool diameter
each spindle can be activated individually or in multiples
six (6) spindles in X-direction, six (6) spindles in Y-direction
arrangement of spindles in L-form
alternating left hand/right hand rotation

spindle distance 32 mm (1-1/4")
drill length 70 mm (2-3/4")
shank diameter 10 mm (13/32")

without tooling
prepared for the installation of max. one (1) adapter unit; i.e. an horizontal boring block or grooving saw

Horizontal Drilling/Routing Unit 4 Spindles for Tool-Changer
Homag Unit #7523
for automatic change-over into the main spindle from the tool changer
for 360° horizontal boring and simple routing, such as grooving, pattern
routing for hardware (hinges, cams, etc.) and trimming of edges
spindle exits to four sides of the unit at 90 degree spacing.
collet chuck ER25 DIN 6499 up to a shaft diameter of max. 16 mm (5/8)
tool projection max. 50 mm (1-31/32)
rotations max. 13500 rpeter 10 mm (25/64) included
unlimited swiveling via C-axis without tools

Sawing And Snipping Unit For Tool Changer for automatic change-over into the main spindle
for grooving and cutting from above at any angle to the workpiece end trimming of edge bands and panel splitting up to max. 50 mm (1-15/16) workpiece thickness max. 9000 rpm
chuck flange diameter 30 mm (1-1/8) with 4 counter-sunk screws M5
reference diameter 52 mm (2-1/8) LL
one (1) blade included diameter 180 mm x 30 mm x 3.2 mm t = 54
saw blade diameter max. 200 mm (7-7/8)
unlimited swiveling via C-axis

Gluing Unit 360 with Pre Cut Strip Feed Function
gluing unit for 360 gluing with lap joint function
direct glue application on the edge material
manual individual strip feeding
with pre-melt unit and granulate container
easy service edge banding head that is hinged for ease of maintenance
one (1) pressure roller, d = 50 mm (1-15/16), for edge application
one (1) post-pressure roller, programmable, d = 35 mm (1-3/8), following the application roller
integrated programmable heat lamps for heating thick edges on the decorative side
hot air blower for pliability and color control
action and performance of the edge banding head controlled by CNC program
inside radius min. 30 mm (1-3/16) in case of 90 (depending on edge and part geometry)
outside radius 6 mm (1/4), depending on flexibility of edge material and part geometry
Gluing Unit 360 with Pre Cut Strip Feed Function (continued)

edge height max. 65 mm (2-9/16)
projecting edge material per top/bottom each min. 2 mm (3/32) for edge finishing in case of joint gluing or processing multiple edge length,
edge height max. 45 mm (1-3/4)
edge thickness plastics 0.4 to 3 mm (1/64 to 1/8) depending on material;
e.g. for PVC min. 1 mm (1/32), veneer 0.4 to 2 mm (1/64 to 3/32)
plastic edges max. 135 mm (.210 sq. in.) cross section,
veneer edges max. 90 mm (.140 sq. in.) cross section for guillotine cutting and processing
lap joint only possible on straight segments or arcs, not possible at corners straight part min. 250 mm (10), radius min. 300 mm (12)

Pre-Snipping Station and 2 Coil Magazine for processing of material on rolls
double coil plate with clipping unit automatic change over between the two (2) coils as long as the coils are the same height

max. roll diameter 800 mm (31-1/2")
max. edge height 65 mm

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