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Brevetti Velox

Used Brevetti Velox | Miscellaneous

Machine Information Sheet Date: 7/23/2021
Inventory #: C4538TS
Machine Type: Miscellaneous
Manufacturer: Brevetti
Model: Velox
Year: 2003
Region: Eastern Canada
Voltage: //
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Good
Machine Capacities: -4x unit available
-Pneumatic under pinning machine for the assemble of any shape and kind of quadrangular, hexagonal, octagonal or curve frames.
-The pieces of mouldings to be joined are connected tightly by a steel staple.
-The staples are on coils and available in different sizes, according to the height of the mouldings. It is possible to set staples in 2 or more different positions and drive 2 or more staples one behind the other into the back of the mouldings.
-Frontal safety shield is standard.
-No electric power is required.
-Moulding dimensions capacity:
*with VC or VM staples: max. width 120mm (4 3/4"); height 70mm (2 3/4"); min width 4mm (1/8"); height 5mm (1/4")
*with NR or VR staples: max. width 120mm (4 3/4"); height 70mm (2 3/4"); min width 5mm (1/4"); height 5mm (1/4")
-Production rate: 150-200 finished frames per hour (it varies with frame dimensions)
-Compressed air: 6 bar; consumption 6 Nl/cycle and about 120 Nl/min
-Overall dimensions: 900mm (35 1/2")W x 680mm (26 3/4")L x 1250mm (49 1/4")H
-Weight: 75kg (165 lbs)

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