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Giben ICON Fast SPT 115

Documents Related to this Machine:
Machine Information Sheet Date: 12/4/2022
Inventory #: C4934TS
Machine Type: Saws - Panel Beam
Manufacturer: Giben
Model: ICON Fast SPT 115
Year: 2015
Region: Eastern Canada
Voltage: 480/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Good
Machine Capacities: -Maximum cutting length: 3800 mm.
-Working table standard height (this may vary depending on maximum bunk height): 950 mm.
-Saw blade projection: 115 mm.
-Gripper opening: 117 mm.
-Gripper closing: 1 mm.
-Qty. grippers: 8
-Qty. of air flotation tables 2000x510 mm.: 4
-Control software: G VISION XP
-Minimum thickness of boards for side alignment: 10 mm
-Maximum size of the boards for automatic loading: 3800x1600 mm
-Lift table dimension: 3800x1600 mm
-Lift table stroke: 620 mm
-Stack loading direction: Rear
-Rear powered infeed roller conveyor 3800 x 1600: One (1)
-Power rollers for infeed conveyor: Set of three (3)
-Power rollers for lift table: Set of three (3)
-Lift table motor: 3 kW
-Table surface consists of rollers: YES
-Automatic book counting by means of a precision encoder.
-Front alignment with pneumatic cylinders in the rip zone. The book of panels is pushed against the two front aligners to ensure the alignment of the book. The grippers close only after the full alignment cycle is completed.
-Max blade projection: 115 mm
-Main motor: 25HP
-Scoring motor: 2 HP
-Main blade diameter: 400 mm
-Scoring saw diameter: 100 mm
-Saw carriage forward speed: 1-180 m/min.
-Saw carriage return speed: 180 m/min.
-Saw carriage traverse motor: BRUSHLESS
-Bottom extraction point diameter (qty 1): 200 mm.
-Top extraction points diameter (qty 2): 125 mm.
-The beam is properly pressing on both sides of the cut line providing a defined pressure on the book of panels.
-The saw carriage transmission is driven by a special pre-tensioned chain.
-The saw carriage stroke is automatically managed by the controller according to the dimensions of the panels.
-Blade change is very fast, easy and safe on both the main and the scoring saws. The system is extremely robust and reliable with simple steps and maintenance free mechanical locking. It only takes a few minutes to carry out the blade changing task.
-Automatic saw blade projection ensures that the proper cutting angle is achieved regardless of the height of the stack being cut. This feature greatly reduces the possibility of tear out on the surface of the top panel in the stack which can occur when less than a full stack is being processed.
-Adjustment of the scoring blade is done from outside the machine utilizing a dedicated tool for the fine tuning of the horizontal and vertical adjustments. This avoids stopping the blades and opening the saw carriage cover saving any down time.
-Guide bar diameter: 35 mm
-Carriage guide V rollers diameter: 90 mm
-Main blade diameter: 400 mm
-Saw shaft diameter: 50 mm
-The pusher is driven by a bilateral rack-and-pinion.
-Grippers with floating action: 8
-Forward speed of pusher (CE requirement): 1-90 m/min
-Return speed of pusher: 90 m/min
-Pusher motor: Brushless
-Motorized side aligner is engaging automatically by an encoder, depending on the size of the strips to process on the cross cut, with a set of two 55mm rollers located on each side of the cut line. It travels fast on a guide with “permanent roller presence” technology which allows an immediate cross cut soon after the pusher has been positioned.
-Side aligner stroke: 70-2200 mm
-Minimum strip width: 70 mm
-G-PLAN ON-BOARD is automatic pattern creation software which runs directly on the G-Vision machine control head. This program is designed to facilitate the creation of patterns directly at the saw by allowing the operator to enter the desired parts to be cut as well as the board from which to cut from. With this data, the on board software can generate pattern automatically and find the best possible patterns to conserve raw materials.

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