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Holz Her  2016 Promaster 7225K 5 Axis CNC

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Machine Information Sheet Date: 2/3/2023
Inventory #: X4969AC
Machine Type: CNC Machining Centers - Pod and Rail
Manufacturer: Holz Her
Model: 2016 Promaster 7225K 5 Axis CNC
Year: 2016
Region: Central Canada
Voltage: 600/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Excellent
Machine Capacities: PROMASTER MODEL 7225K 5 AXIS CNC

low hours, see photos.

The power package
in the 5-axis class
Our PRO-MASTER 7225 opens up a completely new dimension in our production line for craft shops and industry for machining wood and plastics.
The heart is the compact, articulated 5-axis head, allowing completely
free motion. Drives and control equipment for each state-of-the-art
generation ensure use in nearly unlimited applications. The HOLZ-HER
module system allows custom adaptation of the machine to specific shop

The heart is the machining head; with its freely moving axes it can
machine curved parts in all dimensions. The powerful 5-axis machine
is also perfect for panel-shaped workpieces particularly the economy
aspect is interesting here

.5-axis head, A and C-axes interpolating, pivoting.
A-axis: +/- 180, C-axis +/- 360.
. Fast and flexible: Infinitely adjustable speed from 1000 to
24000 RPM, HSK 63 F tool holder.
. 5-axis head, liquid cooled for maximum service life even under
heavy loads.
. Long service life: Solid design with ceramic bearings on both
sides for high load-bearing capacity.
. Z-stroke 565 mm, workpiece height 300 mm.
. 17-kW motor for heavy work with solid wood.
Infinitely adjustable speed from 1000 to 24 000 RPM
PRO-TORQUE LOCK: Locks quickly in any position for A and C-axis,
maximum rigidity for cutting under high loads with perfect results

CabinetControl software for simple
furniture design [Fig. 5]
. Design of carcass furniture.
. 2-D or 3-D views.
. Quick adaptation to tailor-made desires of furniture buyer.
. Perfect presentation of furniture.
. Automatic generation of cutting plans.
. Automatically creates CNC machining program at the
touch of a button.
CAMPUS 5-axis module for simultaneous cutting [Fig. 6].
This supplement module for NC-HOPS supports interpolating
5-axis machining in many applications, for example:
. 5-axis simultaneous cutting.
. Support of 5-axis interpolation with top and bottom
guide curves (simultaneous machining).
. Two contours on defined layers are interpreted as
5-axis machining.

. Drilling unit 7881 with 18 vertical spindles
(X = 11 + 2 / Y = 6), six horizontal spindles
(two double drilling spindles in X direction /
one in Y direction)
. complete with a Hold down vacuum

options included
.18 tool changer on the head.
.additional 16 tool changer on the machine bed.
.single 14 in saw blade arm on tool changer.

only one operator

ADDITIONAL....numerous pods and hold down clamps.

this machine is in excellent condition and can be seen in operation ,

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