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Dimter Opticut 304R

Used Dimter Opticut 304R | Saws - Optimizing Cross Cut

Machine Information Sheet Date: 2/18/2019
Inventory #: C3939TS
Machine Type: Saws - Optimizing Cross Cut
Manufacturer: Dimter
Model: Opticut 304R
Year: 1996
Region: Eastern Canada
Voltage: 575/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Fair
Machine Capacities: -This machine is valued at over Cdn $200,000.00 if purchased new.
-It is complete and mechanically in very good condition. It has had very light use, however it does require a computer upgrade which will cost approximately US $3,000.00.
-8" Max. & 1" min. board width capacity -Thickness from 5/8" - 3-1/8" maximum -Board length from 16" min. - 16` maximum
-Out-feed length can be as short as
-Cuts softwood or hardwood.
-Equipped with: 10 HP - 4,100 RPM Arbor motor, 15-3/4" diameter saw blade
-10 HP Servo drive feed motor -Accelerates material up to 750 FPM
-(3) pneumatically operated top rollers & (1) driven bottom drum roller
positively feeds board to saw, then stops quickly for saw to make precision cut
-System consists of:
-In-feed manual marking station
-In-feed arranged for 16` incoming lumber lengths.
-Measuring station:
-Cycle type roller conveyor where board length is measured by double wheel (smooth wheels) measuring system while top mounted luminescent camera detects crayon defect marks, up to (8)
grades detectable.
-Transport belt:
-10" wide in-feed belt between measuring station & saw
-16` length to process full length cap. board.
-Saw Station features:
-Saw stroke cylinder with acceleration and deceleration unit for very high cutting speed
-Material feeds up to 750 FPM
-Patented "Waste Gate" eliminates
short waste & end trims at saw blade.
-Out-feed & Sorting:
-10" x 20` long accelerating belt conveyor to sorting station with (5) kickers
-2 HP feed drive
-kickers are encoder pulse controlled and sort by any combination of length, grade and width; can be
programmed to kick singularly or to kick in "2s or 3s" for larger heavier boards
-End of belt is also programmable as a sorting station for long fixed lengths, salvageable finger joint lengths
or long waste pieces
-Separate control cabinet with: Industrial PC-type computer (multi-tasking, VME Bus system) with 15" VGA
monitor, 101-key board, hard disk for data storage & floppy disk drive; controls all system functions
including measuring, optimizing, cutting & sorting.
-Software program handles:
-(16) Board groups, each with (8) grades & (200) fixed lengths; production statistics on quantities, grades & times
-Graphical representation of boards
-Simulation of board data
-Full fault indication and "on-board" diagnostic
-Machine risers and base
-All owner`s and operator`s manuals and standard tool kit
-Also includes: marking station, 16` long in-feed deck, 20` out-feed table.
Sales Price: $8,000.00 CDN
Approximate Monthly Lease: $140.63 CDN
Approximate monthly payments are based on approximate lending rate considering 1st and last month down payment, 60 month term and $1.00 residual buy back. This approximate monthly payment amount is for budgetary purposes only. Based on US leasing rates.

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