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CMS Avant 1BLT 455L 2ATC

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Full Specs
Full Specs
Machine Information Sheet Date: 5/28/2023
Inventory #: C4885TS
Machine Type: CNC Routers - Flat Table, Nesting
Manufacturer: CMS
Model: Avant 1BLT 455L 2ATC
Year: 2007
Region: Eastern Canada
Voltage: 600/3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Good
Machine Capacities: Customer claims to have cut 20,000 cut parts per 5 day running week operating 2 8 hour working shifts per day.
System made of:
-2 in-feed positions for 1 bundle of sheets each.
-Protection sheet bundle out-feed motorized conveyor
-Vacuum sheet manipulator
-In-feed roller with label printer (on a moveable bridge with X and Y axes)
-Cutting machine

The complete system is suitable for the following panel sizes:
-4` x 8`
-5` x 6`
-5` x 8`
-5` x 9`
-5` x 12`

-Thickness: 0.63" - 0.984" - 1.614" (16mm - 25mm - 41mm)
-Maximum weight: approx. 360 lbs (164 kgs)

-Cuts 2,000 parts per 8 hour shift

-Protection sheet bundle out-feed motorized conveyor
-System to remove the bundle of protection sheets from the machine in-feed area.

Sheet manipulator (material handling system or automatic loading system)
-Includes 1 bridge feeder with one vacuum-pod on carriage
-The panels are collected from two stacks located on the two opposite sides and placed on the in-feed roller
-The height of the stacks ranges from 16mm to 800mm
-The system will load all panels from one stack before starting the loading from the second stack (no mix of panels between the 2 stacks in the production sequence)
-The system is also to collect a protection sheet and place them on the "protection sheet bundle out-feed roller"
-An automatic systems identifies when the bundle is completely unloaded, so that to activate procedure to unload the protection sheet
-The equipment for the stacks are included in the supply

Three special modes are foreseen
-Damaged/scratched panel
-Missing panel
-Emergency loading procedure

In-feed roller with label printer (on a movable bridge with X and Y axes)
-Labeling system for printing and applying labels, the number, content and position of which can be defined for each panel
-The system consists of two main parts: a thermal printer and an automatic labeling unit with 150mm stroke

Cutting machine
-Structure: mobile bridge (with double rack)
-X axis stroke, linear: approx. 2050mm
-Y axis stroke, linear: approx. 4550mm
-Z1, Z2 axis stroke, linear: approx. 525mm
-X-axis quick positioning speed: 100,000mm/min
-Y-axis quick positioning speed: 72,000mm/min
-Z1, Z2 axis quick positioning speed: 30,000mm/min
-On the Z axes 250 mm of the stroke is useful for machining

Working plane
-Through feed configuration with motorized NC-controlled vacuum belt
-Useful dimension of 1600 mm in the X direction
-Useful dimension of 3650mm in the Y direction
-The belt is driven by a NC control axis
-Special working table for the machining of panels, equipped with mobile belt made of elastomer with holes for vacuum passage
-There is one hole every three diamonds to allow the clamping of the pieces on the whole working area
-The belt is made of wear-proof material, hardness 50 shore with diamond shaped surface at 28mm pitch
-The working area, connected to the vacuum plant with high capacity, is divided into 6 NC controlled areas
-During the belt movement the vacuum is automatically disconnected
-Photocells for the slowing down the belt to allow that can correct positioning of the panels, frontal reference bar was stroke of release mounted onto the mobile bridge as well as the lateral sinking reference bar mounted on one side
-Extended belt to have a separate on loading area

Working units
-Two automatic tool changer head ATC
-16HP at 10,000 RPM
-Maximum speed 24,000 RPM
-8 place tool changing magazine
-Ceramic bearings
-HSK63F connection
-The ATC working units are liquid cooled by a refrigeration system

Static and frequency converters
-Speeds: from 1000 RPM to 24000 RPM

-Numerical control
-Three (3) dry type vacuum pumps rated at 360 m per hour each with double filter and supports
-Electrical cabinet placed on the machine right side - protection level IP54 - complete with air conditioner
-Perimeter fence around the machine and photocells systems, controlling the access to the loading/unloading area
-Push-button panel for the function of Emergency-Start-Stop-On photocells, placed on the external site of the fence
-The cable holder chains are mounted on the right side of the machine
-Suction system on the reference bar are equipped with four (4) 100mm diameter connections
-Belt cleaning system placed underneath with blowing devices, brushes and suction connections
-Cdn $102,000.00 of spare parts for the system available for Cdn $15,000.00

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