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Busellato Easy Jet 5.12

Machine Information Sheet Date: 5/28/2023
Inventory #: C5018TS
Machine Type: CNC Routers - Flat Table, Nesting
Manufacturer: Busellato
Model: Easy Jet 5.12
Year: 2014
Region: North East US
Voltage: /3/60
Can be transformed to required voltage for a nominal fee. Single phase available thru a phase converter.
Condition: Good
Machine Capacities: Busellato Easy Jet 4`x8` CNC ROUTER
Busellato uses 3-dimensional solid modeling systems to design its working centers which are built with a mobile beam and stationary basement. The beam moves in a longitudinal direction with respect to the basement (X axis) and supports a pair of carriages which determine the movement of the Y and Z axes. The X and Y axes define a plane parallel to the floor and the Z axis moves up and down perpendicular to this plane. This configuration allows a remarkable reduction in the machine’s overall size and improves the machine’s performance and functionality. The basement and the beam are made of electrically welded steel and are ribbed and strengthened internally to guarantee maximum rigidity even under intense working. The structures undergo a thermally-controlled normalization cycle.

All phases of assembly undergo conformity checks according to special testing procedures. The alignment of all the linear guides is carried out using an electronic level guaranteeing straightness and parallelism tolerances to be within 0.02 mm per linear meter. On all machines, positioning precision and bi-directional repeatability of the axes is checked using an interferometer laser system. Bi-directional positioning precision is guaranteed within a tolerance of ±0.05 mm. To complete the dynamic tests carried out on the machines, the interpolation of the axes (circularity) is tested with the Ball-Bar Renishaw device. An electrical test of the whole system is carried out on each machine according to CEI EN 60204-1 legislation.

X and Y AXES - Movement of these axes is by rack and pinion with convex, helicoidal teeth, made of hardened and tempered steel which undergoes a thermal carburizing treatment and successive hardening. A lubricating film is applied to the teeth, eliminating the need for lubrication during the life of the machine. The pinion is splined directly on a high precision planetary gearbox. Precision of the movement along the X axis is guaranteed by a measurement with laser instrumentation and software management of the calibration curve to guarantee an absolute measurement with time. The mobile beam moves on high precision pre-loaded ball runner blocks and linear guides made of rectified and hardened steel. Ball runner blocks for all axes are equipped with a seal guaranteeing maximum protection from dirt and dust.

Z AXIS - The carriage for this axis is made from an aluminum alloy with highly rigid mechanical properties. Movement of this axis is by ball nut with pre-loaded lead screw in order to guarantee high speeds with minimal wear. The carriage is mounted on pre-loaded ball runner blocks which slide on very high precision linear guides made of rectified and hardened steel. Z axis motor and ball screws are sized to avoid the need for pneumatic assistance. All axes are driven by AC brushless motor fed and controlled by digital drives.

Busellato installs a centralized dust extraction system, with a single large pipe mounted on the head for easy connection to the central system. In addition, Busellato supplies an optional 4-way VECTOR air blast system consisting of four pipes pointing in + and - X and + and - Y direction to blow air behind the cutting tool to greatly enhance dust extraction. The NC control automatically manages the supply of air to one of the four pipes according to the direction the machine is moving.

The machine is equipped with a central lubrication system with progressive distribution. The system has a single feeding point for the group of distributors, which send automatically and safely, an adequate volume of lubrication to each lubrication point. The grease reservoir and pump are permanently attached to the machine, eliminating the need to store and maintain a separate grease gun. The control software alerts the operator when lubrication is necessary.

The BUSELLATO JET ROUTER employs a heavy duty, digital, programmable frequency static converter (inverter) and includes control that the motor has stopped, braking resistance and automatic reset in case of emergency.

Router table is 49” x 97” with two rear and one RH lateral stops and is machined from heavy-duty, thick phenolic with gasket channels throughout the table for re-configuring the vacuum area. The rectangular grid is made of 60mm sections.

Electrospindle: 6.6kW (9hp) - HSK F63
-Mounted directly to the Z carriage, unit slides on linear bearing blocks and two high precision, hardened, steel linear guides which guarantee an equal loading capacity in all 4 directions.
-Tool locking is by Belleville washers, unlocking by pneumatic piston. Three proximity sensors assure correct tool coupling.
-Maximum power: 6.6kW (9Hp)
-Maximum rotation speed: 24,000 rpm
-Driver: three phase motor controlled by inverter
-Rotation sense: right and left
-Spindle lubrication: permanent greasing
-Front/rear bearings: ceramic/ceramic

FB0592 4-way air blast for electrospindle to greatly enhance dust collection
-4 CNC-controlled air jets, situated at 0º, 90º, 180º and 270º around spindle and adjusted to aim at base of cutting tool,
-CNC control automatically activates the jet following the cutting tool to blow dust from groove, making it airborne so that dust collection system can effectively remove it.

7M boring head
-Working unit for vertical and horizontal drilling with independent spindles.
-Made in light aluminum alloy with high mechanical properties, the unit is equipped with:
-7 spindles with vertical outlets in an “L” shape, 32 mm pitch
-All spindles rotate simultaneously and in alternate sequence, right and left. The independent insertion movement of each spindle, by means of pneumatic cylinders, allows both single and multiple drillings.
-Control of the spindles by an electro-valve and cylinder with single thrust chamber for a drilling force of 43kg (95lb) per spindle.
-The working unit is rotated by an asynchronous 1.7 kW electrical motor controlled by “inverter”.
-The motor, in turn, activates the transmission made of special steel gears with wide, slanting, rectified and thermally hardened teeth.
-The tool attachment is designed for 10mm cylindrical shanks.

8 position parallel tool changer on the Y beam for high speed tool change - HSK F63
-Automatic 8 position tool changer for electrospindle with HSK F63 attachment.
-Mounted in a fixed position on the RH side of the machine
-Max. overall tool height: 160mm
-Max. tool diameter: 160mm
-Collet center-center spread: 165mm

Auto-transformer for 208/230/460V - 50/60HZ - 35 kVA.

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